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For mental health counseling, I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield
and Aetna insurance, or self-pay at $200 for a 55 minute session.

ADHD and Autism assessment is only available via self pay.
If you have insurance, you would receive more extensive assessment
and psychological testing (which I'm not able to provide)
from a licensed psychologist, and I can provide referrals.
Assessing for both (which is recommended given how often they co-occur)
is $500 for a 3 hour session, which can be divided up.
Individual ADHD or Autism assessments are $300 for 2 hours.
You can choose to receive a report for yourself,
or for an agency from whom you are seeking accommodations or support.

If you really want to work with me, and these fees are not affordable,
please contact me about what you can afford and why you feel
I'm the right clinician for you at this time.
I am committed to making my services accessible.


Agency of Change

Papillon DeBoer LCMHCS

828 301 2551
828 826 1789 fax

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