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Many of us still carry scars, inside or out. I interned at a rape crisis agency, counseling men, women, and adolescents who had been sexually assaulted, recently or long ago. I use specific and effective approaches for healing from trauma and abuse, of any kind.

Outsiders, loners & the marginalized

If you have long felt you don't belong or are misunderstood, I get it. Whether you're transgender, polyamorous, an artist, lost, or not even sure how to identify this feeling of being on the outside, I'd like to sit with you. We'll figure out how to connect what feels broken or missing, inside and outside. LGBTQA+


I worked for five years at a crisis shelter, with runaway and homeless youth ages 7 - 17. They faced all kinds of additional challenges, including substance abuse, suicidality, self-harm, intense anger, depression, and apathy. Mostly what a teenager needs is an ally who is not their parent or guardian. One called me "The Wizard."

Existential or spiritual counseling

I have a deep respect for where my clients find deeper meaning, including nature and science. Regardless of tradition, we all encounter stages of initiation, revelation, doubt and loss of faith or reason. And yes, I do speak Asheville - chakras, Reiki, and bananas.


Though having a name for our troubles can be convenient or a relief, too often these clinical terms can be traps or harmful labels. I am reluctant to permanently brand your medical history within the first hour of meeting each other, which health insurance requires.

Take health insurance

For many reasons beyond the diagnosis requirement, I don't take health insurance. I'm happy to work with you on a session rate that is affordable for both of us. .

Tell you how to live

Your life is your own, and your choices are yours to make. While I may ask you to consider a different perspective, my work is to be of service to you, in creating your best possible life.

Listening, reflecting.

Identifying patterns and values.

Support with making different choices.


In order to make counseling accessible, I offer a sliding scale of $70-100. If that is not affordable for you, I am a member of Open Path and have three lower fee spots. Check with me about availability at a reduced rate.

Make myself available 24/7/365


"The standard medical focus on trying to discover the right drug to treat a particular 'disorder' tends to distract us from grappling with how our problems interfere with our functioning as members of our tribe."

                                                                                             Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

I'm not a crisis counselor and won't be available outside of our sessions for phone or text therapy. I do care deeply about my clients, and can provide crisis numbers for immediate support. I do not work with clients who are unable to show up to sessions.

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