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I am an ordained minister, and officiate weddings with grace and style. Most often I work with the couple to design their own personal ritual, rich with meaning and purpose.

I support all relationships and families.

LGBTQIA and Poly-affirmative.


Healing Ritual

Sometimes, clients are looking for complements to traditional therapy. Ritual can unlock other parts of our psyche, and inspire growth in new ways. This can be as simple as burning an old letter to let go of what doesn't serve us now.

Though I often wish I had a magic wand, I don't offer spiritual "fixes" or cast spells for people. I have a deep respect for my clients' personal faiths and traditions, and do not attempt to preach, convert, or otherwise sway anyone from their own wisdom.

I have been studying and training in ritual healing work since 1999. My teachers include the Hermetic Order of Chicago, Oloye James Kulevich, Baba Raul Canizares, and the Church of Earth Healing. Most recently in 2016 I had the honor of receiving

Ifa initiation with my current teacher, Oluwo Falolu Adesanya Awoyade

of Ode Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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